We are Direct Access Software

We offer the Brokerage and Trading Community an end-to-end electronic trading solution.

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Direct Access Software provides the reliability and access that your clients can count on.

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We provide efficient execution solutions for your clients, Broker/Dealers, Clearing Firms, On-Line Brokers, Institutional Trading desks, and traders worldwide that demand smarter execution services.

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Report Center

Historical Reports - trades, orders, prices, and logs.

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Send orders, view real-time market data, and set up alerts and hot keys.


DAS Trader PRO is intended and fully tested to be used in a Windows environment.


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We are Direct Access Software

Direct Access Software (DAS) is an Industry Leader in direct access trading technologies that offer the brokerage and trading community end-to-end electronic trading solutions.


About Us

DAS systems provide efficient execution and real-time market data solutions for your firm's clients, broker/dealers, clearing firms, online Brokers, institutional trading desks, and traders worldwide who demand smarter execution services and streaming market data.

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Market data

DAS is a market data provider for the Nasdaq: NSDQ, NQBX, PSX, NSX; ICE Euronext markets: ARCA, NYSE, AMEX, Chicago Stock Exchanges: EDGA, EDGX, BYX, BZX; Interconnental Exchanges: NYSE, AMEX, ARCA; IEX; OTC Markets, Chicago Board of Trade (CBOE): OPRA; Toronto Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group).


DAS is a connectivity provider for low latency order validation to the CBOE, CBSX, Nasdaq, NYSE/ARCA, BATS/Direct Edge and OTC. We provide direct market access and Service Bureau FIX connectivity to all the major exchanges and market centers via the Nasdaq and SFTI data centers. Order Routing is available to over 75+ destinations with the most latency-sensitive sub-millisecond order validation. We also provide access to all NYSE floor brokers and routing strategies for exchanges, ALGO, dark pools and liquidity providers.

Trading software

We are continually committed to improving the reliability of our software technology and have specifically designed our platform in a way that takes into consideration the scalability and needs of our clients. DAS Inc provides complete online brokerage solutions including direct access trading applications, browser-based trading, back-office order management systems, market data feeds, historical data, service bureau connectivity, FIX and API execution services.


Meet our CEO

Get to know our CEO.

Karen Barker-Gentile

CEO, President and Co-Founder

With more than 20 years of financial accounting, back-office management, broker dealer relations and information technology experience, Karen Barker-Gentile brings to DAS, Inc. a wealth of business and management experience. Prior to founding DAS, Inc. Karen worked in the corporate, civil and private sectors.

Client Relations

A day at the Nasdaq – #1Best Trader

BBT Meetup – NYC

BBT Meetup – NYC

Visit to Nasdaq

DAS visit to Trinidad

DAS visit to Trinidad

DAS visit to Trinidad

Client visit to NY

Client visit to Nasdaq

Our awards

Our services

We provide efficient execution and real-time market data solutions for your clients, Broker/Dealers, Clearing Firms, On-Line Brokers, Institutional Trading desks, and traders worldwide who demand smarter execution services and streaming market data.

Service Bureau

DAS Trader CSB – Connectivity Service Bureau (CSB) is a full suite of execution gateway solutions for clients who require global connectivity and reliability to all US Exchange centers. Besides being a platinum service bureau partner to NASDAQ OMX and a Power Partner 3 to NYSE Euronext, DAS is also a certified service bureau to CBSX, BATS, Direct Edge and several Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) or Alternative Trading Systems (ATS).

Market Data Vendor

DAS Trader MDV – Market Data Vendor (MDV) to major exchanges including Nasdaq, NYSE, OPRA, OTC Markets, Direct Edge and BATS. DAS|MDV offers real-time data feed technology for instant access to market data and real-time streaming news from Newsware. DAS is a preferred partner with Nasdaq OMX as a reseller of the Nasdaq Totalview.

Development Environment

DAS Trader DEV – Offering front-end GUI interfaces the ability to connect to our robust backend system via the DAS|API and DAS|FIX, utilizing the DAS|DMA and DAS|CSB in routing technology to multiple exchanges and destinations available in our infrastructure. We also provide a full testing environment for developers.

Trade Reporting Tools

DAS Trader TRT – Trade Reporting tools (TRT) is a fully integrated front-to-back office suite of broker and firm management tools. Brokers and brokerage firms can monitor and manage the real-time performance of their firm or portfolio and utilize risk and compliance management tools. These tools compliment the DAS products and provide additional detail to assist firms in its daily operation and surveillance.

  • Report Center (A web access database for orders, trades and tickets historical data associated with your firm MPID)
  • IBOSS (Multi-Accounts back-office solution offered to Foreign Financial Institutions by providing proper reporting for aggregation of its customers accounts within a master-sub intermediary relationship)
  • OSO Reporting including FINRA OATS and FINRA Trace
  • SEC 605 and 606 Reporting
  • EOD and Real-time drop copies
  • Pre-trade Alert Reporting for SEC 15c-3-5

Collocation Services

DAS Trader HUB – Collocation Services at NASDAQ with gigabit connection pipes to all major exchanges. DAS|HUB provides a competitive edge for high frequency and automated traders, market data analysis.

  • Collocation at NASDAQ’s data center in Carteret, NJ
  • Ultra low latency connectivity to NASDAQ’s trading systems
  • Access to DAS’s private dark fiber lines to NYSE, DirectEDGE, CBSX, and BATS
  • Low latency connectivity to 100+ market destinations, with new connections available upon request
  • Both managed and hosted solutions offered
  • Certification and testing environments available
  • Submit orders via DAS|FIX to lower costs and latency
  • Ultra low latency access to market data feeds directly from the exchanges
  • Standardized market data is also available via DAS|API

Our products

DAS's product suite is the solution and technology necessary for your firm to connect to the global market. We are committed to continually improving the reliability of our software technology and have specifically designed our platform to consider the scalability and needs of our clients.

DAS | Trader Pro

DAS Trader Professional trading platform with advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment.

  • Collocated Order Executions
  • Regional, Totalview, ARCA, and OPRA
  • Direct Access Order Routing
  • Multiple Stop Types
  • Real-Time Account Management
  • Supports Multiple Monitors
  • Advanced Charting
  • Trade Equities and Options

DAS | Active Web

DAS ActiveWeb Trader is an advanced browser-based platform for trading equities and options built on HTML5 and uses Web Socket technology to stream real-time feed. This platform combines the direct access trading capabilities of DAS Trader Pro with an intuitive web-based platform that can be customized to compete with other top-tier online brokerage solutions.

  • Collocated Executions and Market Data
  • Direct Access Order Routing
  • Multiple Stop Types
  • Real-Time Account Management
  • Supports Multiple Screens
  • Trade Stocks and Options

DAS | Trader MTS

DAS Trader MTS is an order and risk management trading platform designed for a financial institution to send its omnibus orders to its broker’s or clearing firm’s execution and risk management platform. It enables foreign and domestic entities the ability to place real-time orders to the US equity markets via secured order entry connections in which all multiple accounts are transmitted to executing firms in one master account. The controller of the master account will have the ability to monitor all transactions of the sub accounts from MTS along with applying all pre-trade risk management provided in the DAS suite. We also offer a post trade reporting tool which is integrated with the MTS to properly record trading historical information and portfolio management.

DAS | iPhone

iDASTrader uses your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to manage your account and send orders using the DAS system. The same real time Level 2 market data is delivered directly to your iOS device!  You can download the app by searching for iDAStrader in the Apple App store.

DAS | Mobile WEB

DAS Trader Mobile Web was optimized to fit the web browser of most smartphones, enabling for trading equities and options.

For easy access, simply bookmark the URL http://mobile.dastrader.net on your Blackberry, Windows, CyanogenMod, Nokia X Software, Sailfish, Symbian, Tizen, Android, IOS or any smart phone with a basic web browser.

DAS | Android

DASTrader Android app allows you to manage your account and send orders using the DAS system. The same real time Level 2 market data is delivered directly to your Android device!  You can download the app by searching for DASTrader in the Google Play store.


DAS API/FIX Instruction PDF Form

DAS Trader DMA FIX/API adheres to the standard of Financial Information Exchange (FIX) for the industry. It provides Direct Market Access (DMA) to various market destinations for high speed order execution and validation without compromising latency. Because our DMA FIX is co-located within the exchanges’ data center, our clients benefit by cutting time and cost in setting up connections to multiple venue options by just connecting to DAS infrastructure.

DAS Trader FIX/API – Automatically transmit, receive and cancel advanced order types, execution reports, order status, positions, liquidity flags, account balances, standardized market data for Nasdaq, Direct EDGE, BATS and more.

  • Send orders directly to NASDAQ via the data center in Carteret, NJ
  • Send orders via DAS’s private dark fiber connections to NYSE, DirectEDGE, CBSX, and BATS
  • Access 100+ market destinations via DAS’s infrastructure
  • Submit advanced order types


DAS Trader Pre-Trade Risk Management Administration control (RMA) is a single GUI interface which administers control of permissions, access rights, trading rights and more for Rule 15c3-5 naked access clients, brokers, clearing firms and multiple firm offices. Features includes:

  • Consolidated GUI/Application
  • Client (MPID) Level Control
  • Risk-Check Violation Handling
  • Hierarchical Risk Profiles
  • Event Logging and Event Notification
  • EOD Log File
  • Kill Switch
  • Reg NMS for Intermarket Sweep Orders and Minimum Pricing Increments
  • Exchange/Venue Trading Allowance
  • Asset-Type Trading Allowance
  • Entry-Type Allowance
  • Reg SHO for Rules 200 and 203
  • Symbols Restrictions
  • User/Account Restrictions
  • Mass Order Cancellation
  • Order by Order checks for Maximum Price Discrepancy, SOQ, SOV, Order Throttle and Duplicate Orders


DAS Trader DMAr – Direct Market Access router is a smart routing system designed to offer access to multiple destinations using algorithmic strategies via one connection. DMAr allows our clients to benefit from the integrated package of our FIX, Trade Reporting Tools and Connectivity Service Bureau functionality. Having co-location within NASDAQ and gigabit dedicated point to point connections to the other exchanges provide our clients the advantage of having one of the lowest latency order confirmation and transactions to market centers.

Our primary servers are hosted in Nasdaq's co-location, giving DAS Trader sub-millisecond order acknowledgment to INET/Nasdaq, NYSE/ARCA, BATS BZX, BATS BYX, EDGX, EDGA, CBSX and NSX.
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Nathan Michaud

Founder, InvestorsLive & InvestorsUnderground

DAS Trader is by far the most robust trading platform out there.  I’ve used this tool every day trading since 2003. I’ve compared it to many others out there and it always stands out as the fastest! The team has been helpful and listen to any and all suggestions to continually make this software better! Great team, great people and highly recommend this to ANY serious traders! (Not to mention they have by far the most incredible mobile app on the planet)

Justin Ritchie

I have been pleased with the online trading platform and very pleased with the customer service I’ve received so far.

Stefanie Kammerman

Founder and Managing Director, The Stock Whisperer Trading Company

Over the past 20 years I tried and tested numerous trading platforms and I have to say that the DAS Trader Pro is by far the best platform. What I like most about this platform beside being simple to use, is the ease of zooming in and out of my charts along with the drawing tools that help me find the best support and resistance levels. I share my screen all day teaching thousands of students how to day trade and swing trade using this platform at www.thestockwhisperer.com Other great features include the top 20 list, the ECN book and the multiple time and sales windows. I highly recommend this product.

Chadd Hessing

President and CEO, Cobra Trading, Inc.

We offer DAS for both our Cobra Trading and Venom Trading clients. The platform is great for beginners and veterans alike. It offers tremendous value and ease of use, while offering a host of features such as advanced charting, mobile trading and a short locate monitor window.

Jiyoon L.

I just received assistance from DAS Support on an issue that was efficiently handled.  I also had my DAS platform and hotkeys explained and organized for me. I really was taken away by the help and service I had to write you an email.   – Korea

Pete D.

I have used DAS Trader for many years now and have referred many of my colleagues to your trading platform.  Yes your product is of quality and does what we expect with trading but the MOST important aspect of a product is it’s support system.  You’re staff that we rely on when we have questions, technical issues or problems.  There are a ton of trading platforms on the market out there but as a financial analyst for a large institution I ALWAYS recommend your product!  -Denver, CO.

Adil K.

I just coordinated with the DAS support team and am impressed to see how they treat their customers, not just as a customer, but helping them out as their own family members.  – Punjab, Pakistan.

Jussi T.

I must say that when i was in need of help, one of your technical advisers came through and put in the time to sort all of my issues out.  I had some computer issues and platform issues i needed looking at.  I did not expect this kind of service, but am really happy that i reached out to you. Thank you for the excellent service and a big thanks to the DAS support team for helping me out!  – Forsby, Sweden.

Amin A.

It has been over 5 weeks that I am using DAS Pro, and I must say I had the best customer service ever for services I have ever purchased or subscribed.  I sent a lot of questions (many of them dumb) and problems to Support team, and less than 5 min I was always had my problems solved/answers in my inbox. Great success in any product/services is when the customer does not feel stupid or ashamed of contacting support team.  This is my case.  -Vancouver, Canada

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